Saturday, November 14, 2009

Opening Day

Leslie took the kids down to Columbia.  The USC women's soccer team won the SEC, and was hosting the first round of the NCAA tourney at the Graveyard.  I would not care at all about this story, nor any other women's sports, except that I'm realizing more and more that my wife was a great athlete, and I mean a great one.  I was a great athlete in my head, she actually was one. 


Today was opening day for Duck Season.  Because Leslie took the kids, I was able to drive to Goldsboro to hunt with Hancock and Tom.  Yes it's a 5 hour drive...but worth it.

I've been here before for hunts, and they've not been spectacular.  But this morning we killed 6 birds, and I shot one of em.  I mean I shot, and so did Tom, but I killed it.  Mallard.  Hen.  so sweet.

It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to stay up til 130, then get back up at 5am, eat no breakfast or drink any coffee, walk out into the cold water in waders, and stand still for 4 hours.  But I've got to tell you, it's what I'm made to do.

There's something about strapping on camo, lippin' a Grizz, filling your pump action Benelli full of 3 inch shells, watching a 6 month old yellow lab retrieve ducks, and blasting waterfowl next to the fellas.

Deer hunting tonight, then duck hunting again Monday.  Thanks for the man weekend Leslie.

Monday, September 7, 2009

It's been over a month... but it feels like just yesterday

Well, here it is. I got it finished over a month ago, but I've been too tired to post anything. Seriously.
Actually, here's the kitchen sink. Signifying completion, and elation!!

Here's a close-up view of the beast. That hood was the last thing I installed(that was about 3 weeks ago). I was real nervous installing that, especially when I took the sawzall to the exterior of my house.

This project changed me some. Yes, the man-skills are much improved.

But what I learned the most was that crap takes time. There's simply nothing easy about doing a project, and it's probably going to take more time than you originally think. It's that simple, I just learned that I need time to do something well.

So thanks Ben, Kyle, Mas, Sprinkle, Albee, Turd, Mathew, Knauer, Shelow, and all the other people that helped out so much.

Leslie and I are so glad to have it. Sandy, we hope you are honored.

Asher said it best about this project:
Daddy helped Ben build the kitchen.

So glad to have my friends.
And an over-observant son.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Destination Kitchen Sink

It's here friends.  Kitchen sink is in.   

Sure, there's a slow leak in the plumbing that I have to fix, but it's in.  I'll get you pictures sometime soon.

Sorry about the slackness.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ready, Aim, Misfire!!

Aight Yo...

The tile is done, the cabinets are in, and we have started preparing the countertops. And all was running smoothly, until...

Remember when I was nervous cutting the counter tops because it would be such a costly error if I measured wrong, and then I actually cut a piece 1 inch too short, which throws the whole thing off? I do, because that's what I did last night.

It was quite heartbreaking to say the least, especially for the first cut. Kristen and Leslie were standing there, and thank goodness for that, or I would have lost my mind in a furious rage.

Well, we have to wait a few days for the counter tops to finish gettin ready...and for me to go pick up one more replacement piece for my misfire.

I'm afraid to say it but the finish line is in sight. Appliances are being delivered Thursday.

More pics will come as more developments come!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Deadliest Catch- The Blogging Sea

I fished the Blogging Sea, hoping to pull in a few keepers.  I baited the pot with sympathy and self-pity, and the fishin' ain't bad. 

My thanks to all who are reading.  I'll have a kitchen update tonight.  It's coming along baby!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Tile, The Tour

Before Tile

After Tile

Today was a delicious day in the Sloan Kitchen.  I finally got the tile laid in there(I still need to grout it, but will get that done tomorrow).   There's only a little bit more to do, but it feels dang good to have that part done.  
Kyle Murphy came over and help me cut the final tiles.  Then Mathew Johnson and Matt Knauer came over to help me build some of our cabinets.  I wish I could have begun cabinet installation tonight, I just simply wasn't able to get the floor in good enough shape for that.

Biggest disappointment of the night...the "Versus" channel wasn't working for the Tour de France.  It was the first stage of the Alps tonight, and people came over to watch.  When they found out our TV wasn't working...they rolled out and went to watch it somewhere else.

I know, I know, I like the Tour.  I like Nascar too.  Shut up.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

11 Diet Cokes

I remember my mom telling me that I ate a lot in high school.  And I finally got a taste of my own medicine.

A high school friend of mine graciously offered to babysit for me the other day.  He was here for a long time, I mean a long time, like 8 hours.  And I understand that my kids can make you work up an appetite.

My boy drank 11 Diet Cokes while he was here.  Eleven.  What the heck?  How do you even do that?  And he wasn't even phased.  He wasn't bouncing off the walls, or wetting his pants.  He was just chillin... probably looking for some more Diet Cokes when I got home, and wondering what was wrong with me that my pantry wasn't more stocked.

There's a good chance he ate up to 10 packs of fruit snacks too, because they are missing.

The next phase of Destination Kitchen has begun

Tile installation began today.  Holy crap it's gonna take a while.  It's so therapeutic for me though.  I just need about 6 hours of silence, and I'll be done.  Anybody wanna butter tiles and be my servant for about a day?  I think I can handle it, but it's gonna be slow.

I'm supposed to be having a Cabinet building day on Tuesday night.  The grout will be going in Tuesday, so I don't think I'll be ready for that.  However, I am going to go ahead with the cabinet building day on Tuesday.  Come on over if you want some of it.

When will destination kitchen sink come to its fruition?  Who the heck knows?  But we're moving in the right direction.

It's Sprinkle Time.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Buffy is the only one who reads my blog...

Is there any doubt why we call him Terd?

Well, destination kitchen sink had a deadline of tomorrow.
Ammm, I barely got to do anything this week.  I just can't get a lot done with the kids around.  I don't get to see them a whole lot, so I've wanted to play with them and enjoy our time together,    
and the kitchen has taken a back seat.

HOWEVER, I do have the hardibacker down for the tiling, and I've run the new Ice Maker water line through the flooring.  Leslie got to put up some primer paint tonight that is tinted toward the color it's going to be, so it's exciting to have some color in that kitchen.  Tiling "could" start tonight, it just depends on how brave I feel.  I'll probably mark out the center line and square it up tonight, then start the giant process tomorrow.  GAAAHHH, once we get this tile in, we are going to theory.

Leslie's getting fed up, and ready to have the house back.  Me too honestly.  What, two months with a bare walled kitchen is too long?  
Shut up.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Saranac remix

Take notes friends.  It's like beauty in motion.  Look at the balance.
Like the freakin' Tiger Woods of Frisbee Golf.
(P.S. - I had no idea this picture was being taken.  I'm just a natural beast)

Saranac was so great.  There were so many great conversations about what was happening in kids lives, and it was incredible to watch the Spirit of our Lord work in kids lives.

I have to say though, I spent a lot of the end of the week frustrated.  I got mad at the guys for being distracted and joking around when we were trying to talk.  I was irate in fact.  I didn't really let them see it though.  I couldn't figure out why I was so worked up at them.

Truth is, I was pissed at sin.  I was pissed at their sin, and my sin.  I was pissed at how I've seen it take me over and distract me from the Love of God, the ONLY thing that gives me any life at all.  And as I got to sit and talk with some of them, I saw them giving themselves the option of choosing whether or not they wanted to believe that they need Jesus.  
I do it too, what the crap?

I have to trust Him.  He keeps choosing me, and forgiving me.  He has pursued me, and keeps on pursuing me, even when I get caught up pursuing sin and death.  I would say, ESPECIALLY when I pursue sin and death. 

He wants me.  And them.  He's out for our good, and on our side.  
Why do we keep believing He's gonna drop us?  Like it's His fault.

What a great trip for me to be reminded of His love, and to hurt over my own sin, and the sin of others.  What a great God!!  That He should adore a sinner like me!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Destination KITCHEN SINK

The drywall guys finished up today with a great surprise...they even did the popcorn ceilings for me.  

Why, might you ask, did I get popcorn ceilings?  Cause they're already in the house, and I'm doing too much other crap to worry about it.

Next step, sweep up the mess and lay some hardi-backer boards for the tile floor.  Hopefully my electrician can come back and finish up stuff while I'm at Saranac.  P.S. - I leave for that Saturday morning.

I'm encouraged by the progress, but it's still a long way from functional.  Destination KITCHEN SINK has a new arrival time.  Hopefully the Friday I'm back from Saranac, which if you're counting, is July 17th.  And that's hopeful.  

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.  But then I swallowed it, because I am awesome, and a lot freakin' tougher than this kitchen. 

Monday, June 29, 2009

Recession can be so good

Though most times this is not true, the recession of light fixtures into ceiling joists is delicious.

Electrical is now ready for the drywallers.  

Leslie's home tomorrow night.  My kitchen's brighter than the freakin' sun...but I'm still nervous about what she's gonna think.  I've found that when I think I've done good, she may not think the same thing...maybe.  Or maybe she will.  Or maybe she won't really care as much as I think she will.  Who knows.

But my dag gum lights are in a recessive state.  

Get you some of that.  Punk.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My kitchen is like a healing wound

You know how when you cut your finger, it starts to itch worse right before it starts to get better?  
That's my kitchen. 

I took down the rest of the drywall from the ceiling so that I could finish wiring the recessed lighting more easily...AND so that the popcorn ceilings would look remotely unifrom when repainted.

It looks worse, and Leslie's coming home on Tuesday.  It's better...but it looks worse.

Projected finish is definitely after we go to Saranac next weekend.  There's so much to do, and if I was a pans i would say I'm overwhelmed.  But truth is, the kitchen is overwhelmed by my presence, and I'm about to turn on the domination.

Get some Vila.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"It's our Anniversary" -Keith Sweat


Leslie and I celebrated 8 big ones today.  How did we celebrate?  We went to Outbacks.  

I'm romantic, aren't I?

It was one on the best nights we've had in a while.  Good conversation, good food, and a long walk in the park.  Betsy took the kids for us...what a gift.  

Leslie is an amazing wife.  She works her butt off at the house managing the kids and keeping the house clean.  She has a part time job that she dominates.  She is a volunteer Young Life leader where she pursues high school girls.  She's smokin' hot.


Please give her a medal.  
If you don't believe that God gives us huge life even while we're total wrecks, 
then just look at the woman He's given me.

Leaving for Crooked Creek

Nostalgia has set in as we depart for my 6th program assignment with Young Life.  For the third time we are heading out to Crooked Creek Ranch.  I'll be joined by Bryan Hancock and Scott Rhoades(a friend from Texas). 

Asher said today, "Daddy, are we going to be crazy Cowboys together?"

Yes son, you better freakin' believe it.

This month my kids will see me as: 
-  Jims Wingo, a professional donkey herder/entertainer
-  Part of an entertainment pair called Rob and Gib(modeled after Rob and Big off of MTV) who are two guys that work at the Fantasy Snacktory.  Basically we rewrite popular R&B songs and turn them into songs about eating snacks.  Yep.
-  Rodl, a magician from Prussia who basically looks like an older, taller, better looking version of Aladdin.  And yes, I can show you the world.

Asher and Lucy have been so pumped to get out to Crooked Creek.  They really come alive out there.  I hope they equate their insane dad's costumes with Jesus.  I don't know how really, but it's what drew me in.  

The kitchen remodel is going on while we're gone.  The drywall comes in the morning, the electrician later this week, then the drywall crew will do their thang.  When we get back, I'll tile the floor...and begin building shelves.  Help me Rhonda.  Help, help me Rhonda.

Will we make it back? Who knows, but it'll be great.  I am 33 with a wife, 2 kids, and a job that lets me put on costumes and sing songs about Milky Way's.  Who could ask for more?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Leslie's so freakin lucky I have the bod that I do.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Man Week

One week ago today I started to unscrew the cabinets next to my oven.  It was to first step to dismantling my entire kitchen, with the hopes of restocking it with new floors, windows, cabinets, and appliances.  I gotta admit, I was afraid of it.  Then I realized, I sound like a pans, so I shut the crap up and started beasting it.

Today we basically completed the demolition.  In the last week, we have removed old ductwork and added a new vent into my upstairs, removed all cabinets and flooring, rewired the majority of the kitchen, taken out a window and enclosed it, restructured a PVC vent pipe, and done a fair share of plumbing involving copper pipes.

Removing the ductwork was one of the greatest achievements of my life.

I've scored some power tools out of the gig:  cordless sawzall and screwdriver, work lights, jig saw.  

This week I've worked with my hands and gone without a shower for days on end, with no griping from...people who might not allow me to get away with not showering for as long as I have...

It's been Man Week at my house.  And domination has been in full effect.  

O'Doyle rules.