Monday, June 29, 2009

Recession can be so good

Though most times this is not true, the recession of light fixtures into ceiling joists is delicious.

Electrical is now ready for the drywallers.  

Leslie's home tomorrow night.  My kitchen's brighter than the freakin' sun...but I'm still nervous about what she's gonna think.  I've found that when I think I've done good, she may not think the same thing...maybe.  Or maybe she will.  Or maybe she won't really care as much as I think she will.  Who knows.

But my dag gum lights are in a recessive state.  

Get you some of that.  Punk.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My kitchen is like a healing wound

You know how when you cut your finger, it starts to itch worse right before it starts to get better?  
That's my kitchen. 

I took down the rest of the drywall from the ceiling so that I could finish wiring the recessed lighting more easily...AND so that the popcorn ceilings would look remotely unifrom when repainted.

It looks worse, and Leslie's coming home on Tuesday.  It's better...but it looks worse.

Projected finish is definitely after we go to Saranac next weekend.  There's so much to do, and if I was a pans i would say I'm overwhelmed.  But truth is, the kitchen is overwhelmed by my presence, and I'm about to turn on the domination.

Get some Vila.