Sunday, August 1, 2010

Goodbye XBox

I'm not so sure that the reason I haven't posted since January is because I've been playing XBox. let me tell you something, I used to pick on people that played video games for hours on end, til the wee hours of the night, until I met Call of Duty Modern Warfare II. I know, it sounds dumb even writing it.

Friends, I confess, I have played over a full week of my life on this game since March. Seriously, they log the time on the machine, and it tells me that over 7 full days of my life have been spent playing a video game.

Embarrassing? Yes.

Sad? Yes please.

So I'm getting rid of it. For less than half of the mint that I spent on it. The blows just keep coming.

So if you're interested in making your wife feel unimportant, sleeping less, being in bad moods in the morning, and imagining that around the next corner there might be someone waiting to snipe you down, then I suggest you buy this from me.

I should burn it.