Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"It's our Anniversary" -Keith Sweat


Leslie and I celebrated 8 big ones today.  How did we celebrate?  We went to Outbacks.  

I'm romantic, aren't I?

It was one on the best nights we've had in a while.  Good conversation, good food, and a long walk in the park.  Betsy took the kids for us...what a gift.  

Leslie is an amazing wife.  She works her butt off at the house managing the kids and keeping the house clean.  She has a part time job that she dominates.  She is a volunteer Young Life leader where she pursues high school girls.  She's smokin' hot.


Please give her a medal.  
If you don't believe that God gives us huge life even while we're total wrecks, 
then just look at the woman He's given me.

Leaving for Crooked Creek

Nostalgia has set in as we depart for my 6th program assignment with Young Life.  For the third time we are heading out to Crooked Creek Ranch.  I'll be joined by Bryan Hancock and Scott Rhoades(a friend from Texas). 

Asher said today, "Daddy, are we going to be crazy Cowboys together?"

Yes son, you better freakin' believe it.

This month my kids will see me as: 
-  Jims Wingo, a professional donkey herder/entertainer
-  Part of an entertainment pair called Rob and Gib(modeled after Rob and Big off of MTV) who are two guys that work at the Fantasy Snacktory.  Basically we rewrite popular R&B songs and turn them into songs about eating snacks.  Yep.
-  Rodl, a magician from Prussia who basically looks like an older, taller, better looking version of Aladdin.  And yes, I can show you the world.

Asher and Lucy have been so pumped to get out to Crooked Creek.  They really come alive out there.  I hope they equate their insane dad's costumes with Jesus.  I don't know how really, but it's what drew me in.  

The kitchen remodel is going on while we're gone.  The drywall comes in the morning, the electrician later this week, then the drywall crew will do their thang.  When we get back, I'll tile the floor...and begin building shelves.  Help me Rhonda.  Help, help me Rhonda.

Will we make it back? Who knows, but it'll be great.  I am 33 with a wife, 2 kids, and a job that lets me put on costumes and sing songs about Milky Way's.  Who could ask for more?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Leslie's so freakin lucky I have the bod that I do.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Man Week

One week ago today I started to unscrew the cabinets next to my oven.  It was to first step to dismantling my entire kitchen, with the hopes of restocking it with new floors, windows, cabinets, and appliances.  I gotta admit, I was afraid of it.  Then I realized, I sound like a pans, so I shut the crap up and started beasting it.

Today we basically completed the demolition.  In the last week, we have removed old ductwork and added a new vent into my upstairs, removed all cabinets and flooring, rewired the majority of the kitchen, taken out a window and enclosed it, restructured a PVC vent pipe, and done a fair share of plumbing involving copper pipes.

Removing the ductwork was one of the greatest achievements of my life.

I've scored some power tools out of the gig:  cordless sawzall and screwdriver, work lights, jig saw.  

This week I've worked with my hands and gone without a shower for days on end, with no griping from...people who might not allow me to get away with not showering for as long as I have...

It's been Man Week at my house.  And domination has been in full effect.  

O'Doyle rules.